Loco Billy's Wild Moon Saloon
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                27021 102nd Ave NW
                Stanwood, WA 98292
Loco Billy's Wild Moon Saloon
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Equipment: This venue has a fantastic professional sound system that consists of: Mackie Onyx 32.4 Premium Analog mixer, 5 Peavey CS 800 professional stereo powered amps, 2 tower stacks - 10 ft. high of JBL Speakers with 2" horns & 2 1" horns, 4-15" JBL monitors on stage.
Professional 5 piece Mapex drum set with
crash, ride, and hi-hat cymbals. Markbass CMD 102P 300/500W 2x10 Tilt~back Bass Combo Amp.

Also available for use at an extra charge - Behringer 32 channel all digital recording board. 6 High definition video cameras available for syncing with the live audio recording for making music videos. For an additional charge we can also work with you to edit your music video.

This Club is available for rental to produce your own show or music video or we can book directly with your band for our own events.

To audition, we encourage bands to participate in our jam on Thursday nights. This is the fastest way to get a booking.

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Loco Billy's Wild Moon Saloon
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